What’s happening: Tragedy in Genoa; two Serie A games could be called off

Yesterday a tragedy happened in Genoa as the entire half of a bridge collapsed and resulted in a loss of life. The cause of this unfortunate event was down to the storm that stuck the city. As Corriere della Sera reports, 26 people have been reported dead while 140 are injured and are receiving the first aid. This happening could result in the postpone of Sampdoria - Fiorentina and Genoa - Milan matches as the both teams (Sampdoria and Genoa) represent the city of Genoa.

Massimo Ferrero

Sampdoria president Ferrero wants the match between Sampdoria and Fiorentina to be postponed, though Mediaset have confirmed that there won’t be any postponed matches and all players will have to wear a black band on their arm, in honor of respect to the 26 victims on Genoa incident.-

We are not sure what’s the right decision here, but all one can wish for is the peace to prevail to the families who lost their dear ones.

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