Premier League: United thrive as City’s title hope seems over

United cancels the Title race for City!

United showed a good glimpse of their desire against Spurs and derby game was further reinstatement about it. If one had to pick a better side out of the two Manchester clubs, easily it was the United club. A performance which paints the City Red, has surely given a huge boost to United faithfuls, while shunning the critics of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for some good time. It’s a result which dents the hopes of City for a league title and pushes Liverpool to go for glory. 

1. United may have saved their season.

It all started with a draw against Liverpool in October this year. It was a match in which the players showed, after a really long time, what it means to play for Manchester United. This away game against The Noisy Neighbours has been the epitome of success for Red Devils so far this season. United were fierce from the beginning, toying with City in their own backyard and not giving them any breathing room. With shocking Draws and defeat against teams like Norwich, Astana and Sheffield it was looking like the season would be full of disappointments again. But if today’s match is anything to go by, it looks like United might still give stiff competition to Chelsea and even Manchester City and Leicester. Only time will tell whether United will continue to rise of will or they run out of gas soon.

2. It’s not only about the defence.

City may have lost the game against a United team that is just a shadow of its former self these days but it was more about overall performance than the lack of defensive options. Laporte has been injured for quite a while now and Kompany has hung his boots, thus City were bound to be struggling defensively. Keeping defence struggle aside, City is also struggling to score enough goals. They did score 8 against Watford in September but it does not mean that they can score at will in every game.

Games against Liverpool, Southampton, Atalanta have seen City struggling in front of the goal time and again and even today they were too wasteful in the final third. City played great passes, created space, positioned themselves well and played like a well-oiled machine but hey lacked that quality in the final third. This let them down and ultimately cost them the game. It was in the first and the last 15 minutes that City played their best game in the final third.

3. United is no more a young team. 

Manchester United is called a team of youngsters too often and are many times given the benefit of doubt. The average age of their squad might be 26, but the likes of Rashford, Martial, Macguire, Fred have played enough games to be able to handle the responsibility of wearing the red shirt. Yes, the squad has young players like Pereira, McTominay etc but the squad overall should be able to handle the pressure. They have the fifth youngest squad after the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs and they are performing the best out of the lot. Their new signings may take a while to adjust to new surroundings, and today’s win was a proof that their honeymoon period is over. It should be back to business for the new lads and for the team.

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