Premier League: Liverpool stretching the gap to stake claim for title

Liverpool are adamant on what they want!

Perhaps it wasn’t the dominating first quarter from Liverpool as opposed to Manchester City who created far more goal scoring chances than their opponents, but handsomely enough Reds did what you’d expect from a top side, two quality moments sprinkled with precision unmatched, Anfield was standing proud as soon as its beloved side was leading by two goals to nil. A night which was to decide the phase of the league title, penned a story which history books will be glittering with after next 6 months. Whether Pep likes it or not, and stays animated on the sidelines about unfairness of the night, the Anfield and Jürgen Klopp challenge remains unconquered for Kun Aguero and his manager Guardiola. Here are 4 major outtakes from the game. 

1. Dyson and super-captain set Anfield on fire.

Fabinho has been given a special nickname by his Manager; a Dyson. Though technically it might be tough to find what it exactly means, but googling it intensively defines it as a lighthouse. As for Reds the Brazilian adds the value to their midfield which since retirement of Steven Gerrard, no midfielder has been able to add. Defensively ever so solid, offensively resourceful and creation wise a true visionary, Fabinho has rose to ranks ever since starting for Reds after switching from Monaco. 

A banger of an opener to put his team on lead, is undoubtedly the goal of the week and midfielder’s overall performance is worthy enough to make him the player of the week. He could’ve earned a brace from another long ranger which was well blocked by City defenders in the second half.  While attack wise he rocked the house, staying true to his defensive duty he made many crucial interceptions to break City’s attack. It was quite a similar performance from the Captain Jordan Henderson who operated a bit wide on right side of the field and attacked from the flank whenever chance came. His brilliance was visible in Liverpool’s third goal when he launched a cross from far right to find Sadio Mane heading the ball to the Kop end’s goal post, denting the hopes of City to overturn the three goals deficit. Anfield truly was at its happiest and why not? Reds are now 9 points clear of the defending champions and 8 from the 2nd and 3rd places Leicester and Chelsea respectively. 

2. Ain’t no sunshine like Trent-Robbo.

They way these two romance with the ball and carry out long balls cross-passing, barely any other fullbacks do or are doing right now. Liverpool’s second goal was prime example of how to make it count for good. Trent’s weak foot long ball cross to Robertson was well launched to kiss Mo Salah’s head who furthered his affair with goal scoring and brought worries on Pep’s head. As worried as Pep looked and as theatrical Raheem Sterling look against Trent Arnold, one thing which City couldn’t stop was deterring the quality which Liverpool full-backs displayed again. 

Their 12 each assists so far in Premier League in 2019 is testament to genius which both are and how much of their involvement in attack keeps pushing their team for glory. This sunshine is doing its best to help Reds reap the fruits as time comes. The 30 year drought to get hands on a league trophy could be over this time and it’s all on Liverpool to grab it with arms wide open.

3. Weighty Warriors City.

Not at all an ideal result of Pep Guardiola but whoever believes he wouldn’t be proud of his side’s spirit to keep fighting must be fooling themselves. City fought and fought and fought until they were rewarded with a consolation goal via Bernardo Silva. Any other day City would’ve scored goals from all the chances which came their way. Perhaps it was down to team coordination in the final third of the pitch which inclusion of replacements for injured players can often bring, the Cityzens in totality weren’t cautious like they have been in past meetings against Liverpool.

Their hunger to make something out of the match was tip to toe visible and it’s no denying that Manchester club played like warriors. Would that be enough to bring them in title contention is a dream looking too far now. Jose Mourinho has already called league title a goodbye for City by stating, “If the distance today is 9 points, for me goodbye.”

4. Liverpool are ‘Mentality Monsters’ for a good reason.

Your mentality plays a big part in determining how things can work in your favour or how they go against. Despite failing to keep clean-sheets in any of their home games this season, Liverpool carry a strong mental buildup which is eventually reflected in their results. They did it against Sheffield, did it against Leicester and last night despite attacking far lesser than Manchester City they sealed three more points to their unbeaten season. Having a tremendous conversion rate on the night where pundits and critics were ready with their prophecies, Reds made it clear how hungry they are to stride forward for league title.

Dejan Lovren’s performance was proof enough on how monstrous the European Champions look in totality. Being solid against the likes of Aguero and Sterling despite not having a game time for most part of the season shows the commitment and respect for the responsibility over his shoulders. Filling the void left by fabulous Joel Matip is no joke and Liverpool faced no issues in answering that.

Of course, keeping a clean sheet must be on minds of Liverpool players.

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