FB90 Exclusive: Cristiano Ronaldo - The Complete Athlete

The Portuguese superstar came out on top this match week against his side’s clash versus Atletico Madrid where he scored an unbelievable hat-trick to complete the comeback for Juventus.

This is not the first time he has scored a hat-trick against Los Colchoneros to knock them out of the European competition. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick back in 2017 against the same opposition in the Quarter Finals of the UEFA Champions League, when he adorned Real Madrid colors. Let us take a look at how much of a complete athlete he is.


We all know the capability of Cristiano Ronaldo, or do we? The 34 year old seems like he still has a lot left in his tank, literally. He has developed his physique and game according to his age and has adapted to the body type and style best suited to him. When Cristiano was a youngster he was a showman, a skinny boy from Lisbon; one of the worst nightmares for defenders to face. The dribbling he possessed along with the arsenal of skillsets was monstrous for a teenager, and Manchester United became amongst few of the first clubs to set their eyes on the young talent. He would leave everyone in an awe with the way he moved around with the ball. The legends of the game did not take much time to realize that they were watching a future legend of the game.

With praises from legends like Sir Alex Ferguson, Ashley Cole, Paul Scholes and many more at a very young age, we knew that we were watching a phenom. Very soon Cristiano started working on the physical aspect of his game; he became a footballer who could jump almost as high as most of the NBA players and even more, while his long shots kept on having increasing power in them. These traits made him the most valuable footballer in the late 2000’s. He would be signed to Real Madrid for a record breaking 84.6 million pounds. He would continue to showcase his skills on ball as he’d continuously go past defenders like they were training cones. With the speed he possessed along with the dribbling skills, it was impossible for any defender to catch up to him.

But then what happened to his game in his late 20’s? Why did he stop going past the defenders like he used to when he only a bit younger? Did his moves become predictable? He definitely did not get slow because he could still compete against the World’s fastest footballers. He still showed glimpses of his amazing footwork from time to time, letting us know that he still had it in him. So there is no answer to why Cristiano Ronaldo was not a showman anymore.

Regardless, it was more of an evolution for his game, as he would now turn out to be the hungry goal scorer who is always ready to put the ball inside the net. He completely muddled the defenders with the way he positioned himself inside the attacking third, as his position was completely unpredictable whenever his team was on the counter attack. He was also now, a physical beast who also obtained the strength of a beast. This would make it hard for the defenders to push him around and throw him down if he wanted to reach for the ball. His shot taking ability was completely off the charts as he would perfectly know when to shoot the ball inside the attacking area. Cristiano Ronaldo would also judge the ball completely perfect most of the times as he rarely missed any one time shots or headers. Ronaldo, even after his transfer to Juventus has the same style with a slightly different role, as now he would often drop deep to help with the rotation of the ball towards attack, and in no time he would be in his attacking position, ready to put the ball inside the net. These traits make Cristiano Ronaldo one of the best goal scorers of all time, if not the best.


With so much of success in the game, it is obvious that a lot of hard work is needed. And without a doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo comes inside the bracket of the hardest working athletes of all time. Cristiano has been a hard worker since a young age as he would train endlessly. We all know how he would tie weights to his feet and run off for hours before returning, how he would be the first one to start training and the last one to end.

As age went by, his hard work kept on increasing. Even after being renowned as one of the best players in the world, Ronaldo keeps on working harder each day. He is in an unbelievable shape for a 34 year old man. He still has everlasting stamina and still runs at a very high speed. It requires unreal amount of hard work and dedication to maintain such qualities throughout a player’s career and we know that Ronaldo is one of the most dedicated and hardworking footballers of all time.


If an athlete does not have self-confidence and determination then he is not an athlete at all. Cristiano Ronaldo has a lot of it, which only adds up to his game. He believes himself to be the most complete player of all time, and he has all the right to call himself that. He always believes in himself and is not bothered by the haters. He loves his fans and always appreciates them. He is a true champion. Patrice Evra’s screenshots show how Cristiano Ronaldo believed that Juventus would destroy Atletico Madrid before it even happened. He has displayed the image of self-belief many times throughout his glorious career. This confidence comes from all the hard work he puts in on the daily basis. His performance always speaks for himself if he does not.

These are the characteristics of a complete athlete and Cristiano Ronaldo is without a doubt, the most complete athlete there has ever been. His consistent performance is the proof of it. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most unique players ever, and how unique he is, is often overlooked. We all should feel lucky to have witnessed such a player in our life.

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