Chelsea vs Liverpool: Reds stand on top as Chelsea give nervy moments to spoil Liverpool’s winning run

Liverpool stay 23 games unbeaten in the League!

A game of two halves as fairly as it looked; the last day of game week six in Premier League brought another entertaining match up front for football fans. The indomitable looking Reds carried on their unbeaten legacy from last season in the league to now of 23 games on trot as final whistle blew at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea. Despite consistent efforts from the London club in the other half of the game, a defeat is what they couldn’t deny themselves off.

Traveling Reds looked sharp since the match started and held the command in terms of possession and moving forward to attack. An early free-kick earned just outside penalty box over foul on Sadio Mane sailed Liverpool to the opening they were looking for. A little pass from Mohamed Salah before the final take-off by Trent Arnold to rocket launch the ball on top-right sent the jitters to the Bridge. Kepa was mere a spectator to the speeding bullet with which Liverpool right-back slotted that opening goal.

Things would have turned awful for the European champions if VAR wouldn’t have intervened to disallow the goal from Azpilicueta, few minutes after Reds gained that lead through Arnold. As Frank Lampard looked disappointed on the touchline every time that luck didn’t favor his side, the gods were keeping something still to cheer him up in the next half. But before anything would have cheered him in the next half, Liverpool scored from another set-piece through Roberto Firmino via Andy Robertson assist in the first half to keep them two goals up before the break.

A lot was expected from the Reds as they marched to the next half; the minimum being the possibility to finish off the match, which didn’t occur really. Chelsea put on a fight as Reds looked all puzzled. Fatigue was all visible and tactical change of going compact from guests allowed hosts to attack from the wings and create chances after chances, good enough to put any football fan biting their nails. If Hazard was missed much by the Chelsea fans on such occasions,  N’golo Kante made sure he does some wizardry to cheer the fans up, to eventually beam in the ray of good hope in their hearts. Such precision and masterful goals sent the bullet down the Van Dijk wall which Reds pride themselves on; and deserving so.

Though Liverpool’s tactic of going compact to deal with fatigue and see the match out didn’t work perfectly to prevent opposition from causing troubles, but it did enough to put them back on top of the league with 6 wins from 6 league games this season. One can say it was a fairly good win for the Reds to keep on a show to earn a league title after 30 years.

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